How To Download Chrome Standalone from Official Website

download chrome standalone

Hello. Welcome and thank you to visit the website This time I will explain how to download Google Chrome offline installer from the official website. Google Chrome offline installer commonly called Chrome standalone. Because, when we install it we don’t need Internet connection anymore.

The size of this Google Chrome is about 60MB. I think it’s light enough for a browser. Oh Yes, when we download on the official website. By default Google Chrome is not available in standalone versions. Standalone version will appear when we fail to install Chrome online installer version.

However, there is still a way that we can download the standalone version directly.

Let me show you the step below.

Download Chrome Standalone from its official website

Step by step

Step 1

Go to the Google Chrome website. Make sure there is a download button there

Step 2

Edit the URL in the Address bar. Add the parameter “?standalone=1” As in the following screenshot

Download chrome standalone version directly

After that click Enter. Then you will be back on that page. But when you download chrome, it will download its standalone version.

Download chrome standalone version from its official website

Then click download button. Wait for the download to complete and you can install it directly without an Internet connection!


Thank you for visiting Don’t forget to share to your friends and see you again next time!

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